Language: JavaScript Essence

The office name of JavaScript is ECMAScript. The syntax looks like Java. Lambda functions are derived from Scheme. Prototype-based features originate from Self. Regular expressions come from Perl.

Core JavaScript
      The core is independent of clients, such as browsers. Here I use Rhino Shell to illustrate core elements of JavaScript.
  • They're not that easy.
You might say they are complicated, but they're also interesting.

The most valuable things to describe are functions.

They're about functions again.

JavaScript in Browsers

    Not faults of JavaScript. They're problems of browsers.

  • Enable JavaScript in browsers

Something you must know before stepping on web.

  • Document Object Model

One tag, one element; one page, one tree.

  • Events

Event happens!

  • Styles
Enhance a user’s web experience.
  • Ajax
Does it make JavaScript a big shot?