If lt contains elem, this function returns true. If you want to test elements repeatly, sorting lt first and setting sorted to true will be faster.

Since: 2.3


  • lt : A list of vectors.
  • elem : A vector.
  • sorted : If false (default), use native search. If true, lt must be sorted by zyx (from the last index to the first one) and has will use binary search internally.


use <voxel/vx_circle.scad>;
use <util/sort.scad>;
use <util/has.scad>;

pts = vx_circle(10);
assert(has(pts, [2, -10])); 
assert(!has(pts, [0, 0]));  

sorted_pts = sort(pts, by = "vt");
assert(has(sorted_pts, [2, -10]));
assert(!has(sorted_pts, [0, 0]));