Given a 2D path, this function constructs a mid-point smoothed version by joining the mid-points of the lines of the path.

Since: 1.3


  • points : The path points.
  • n : Perform mid-point smoothing n times.
  • closed : Is the points a 2D shape? If it's true, the function takes the last point and the first one to calculate a middle point. Default to false.


use <hull_polyline2d.scad>;
use <shape_taiwan.scad>;
use <midpt_smooth.scad>;

taiwan = shape_taiwan(50);  
smoothed = midpt_smooth(taiwan, 20, true);

translate([0, 0, 0]) hull_polyline2d(taiwan, .25); 
#translate([10, 0, 0]) hull_polyline2d(smoothed, .25);